4 Tips To Elevate Your Roller Grill Offerings

Published: March 26, 2024

To meet the changing needs of on-the-go customers, it’s good to periodically take stock of your c-store offerings to make sure they’re in line with current preferences. Today, nearly early half (43%) of consumers want more options made with unique ingredients.1 When it comes to hot items, a full 62% of consumers prefer their product’s flavor to come from a combination of ingredients, seasonings and sauces.2

These bold flavor preferences give c-store operators an opportunity to attract more customers with on-trend, flavorful roller grill offerings. Read on for tips to help increase roller grill appeal at your operation.

Tip 1: Introduce Novel Flavors

Consumers are looking for new and different flavor combinations. Says Zack Young, Senior Innovation Chef at Tyson Foods, “They want something novel they can’t get everywhere. In the c-store space, you’re often fighting against your competition right across the street. Offering new items that create excitement through trending flavors, ingredients and preparations is a great way to help keep your c-store a key destination for new and existing customers.

Tyson Foodservice has a wealth of recipes designed to help c-store operators better compete with restaurants. Says Young, “Our featured recipes are designed to put a culinary lens on the classic roller grill offerings. They seek to inspire while also staying within the realm of feasibility for operators. Our Elote Dog recipe, for example, can be easily menued by bringing in a preblended corn salsa and pairing it with a Ball Park® Angus Beef Frank.”

Tip 2: Respond to the Trends

"One of the larger trends over the past year has centered around smoke and smoked items," says Young. “Our Hillshire Farm® Jalapeño Mesquite Smoked Sausage capitalizes on a unique smoke flavor and shows how you can amplify the experience of a regular sausage,” Young adds. “I love our Korean Slaw Dog recipe, as Korean food continues to be on the rise. Using our roller grill offerings in a Korean mashup is exactly the kind of solution I’d like to see in the c-store space.”

Savory-and-spicy (41%) and smoky-and-spicy (38%) are the two most popular flavor options worldwide.

—Technomic, Industry Insights, October 2023

Tip 3: Menu a “Must Have” for Big Cravings

While it’s important to be in tune with the trends, there’s always a place on your roller grill for those hearty, satisfying offerings. Young says, “All the cheesy sausage products, like our Hillshire Farm® Jalapeño & Cheddar Skinless Smoked Sausage, are perfect for satisfying those big cravings. They’re indulgent and delicious.”

Tip 4: Plan Ahead for the Busy Travel Season

Peak season for roller grill consumption spans from early spring all the way to late winter. That’s also prime time for hot dogs and sausages across most food segments. As Chef Young advises, “Make sure you have what you need by planning ahead for your roller grill offerings—so you have a fully stocked roller grill for your hungry guests.”

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