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We share your passion for creating exceptional dishes with premium ingredients. Count on us for the meticulously crafted products that consistently deliver on quality, flavor and performance—helping you satisfy customers and create memorable experiences all year long.

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Pizza Toppings

Pizza brings people together. And the better the pizza, the more memorable the experience will be. Count on Hillshire Farm® brand for the meticulously crafted pizza toppings that captivate customers and keep them coming back.

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Great Pizza Give Back

For those of you who grow good in your local community, we applaud your commitment and celebrate your efforts with the Great Pizza Give Back sponsored by Hillshire Farm® brand. This annual program rewards operators who make a positive impact—building pizza and pride as an inspiration to all. 

Hillshire Farm® Brand Cupping Pepperoni

Bring new excitement to pepperoni pizza! Use these quality cupped, crisp-yet-tender pepperoni slices as a star pizza attraction, or as a specialty ingredient to give other menu items a unique, craveable edge. The application options are endless.

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Image of Artisanal Meaty Trio Pizza dish.
Artisanal Meaty Trio Pizza

Bee Sting Pizza

Sicilian Style Pizza

Pesto Italian Sausage Flatbread

Dinner Sausage

Hillshire Farm® brand is the #1 dinner sausage brand1—and for good reason. Count on our big flavors, premium quality and outstanding consistency to help you create bold statements on your dinner menu.

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Dinner Sausage

Irish Nachos

Arugula Pesto & Caprese Salad

Korean Slaw Dog

Cheddar & Ale Fondue

Packaged Sandwiches

Perfectly crafted with premium ingredients, Hillshire Farm® Sandwiches deliver the quality subs, wedges and wraps your customers crave—with no back-of-house prep required. It’s deli-style quality—without the deli.

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Elevate Your Grab-And-Go Offerings

Give customers an amazingly flavorful, easy-to-serve entrée when they’re on the go. Filled with farmhouse-quality meats and cheeses, Hillshire Farm® Stuffed Croissants deliver deliciousness across dayparts—making them a tasty choice for the whole family any of the day.

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1 Technomic, Tyson Proprietary Report, 2023