The Pub

The PUB® fully cooked Steak Burgers offer freshly grilled flavor and deliver an authentic, 100% beef burger experience while saving operators valuable time and labor back of house.



We offer a wide variety of delicious burger options including Certified Angus Beef® brand best-in-class quality, USDA Choice Chuck Angus, All Beef, Angus and different, unique seasoning profiles.

Menu Inspiration:

All Night Diner Burger

Chopped beef steak burger or patty on a classic baker bun with melty American cheese, crispy grilled onion rings, lettuce, fresh tomato, and an assortment of complementing condiments.

  • Fits Any Kitchen Equipment
  • Faster Speed of Service
  • Less Cooking Waste
  • Food Safety
  • Flattop grill, convection/conventional oven, microwave
  • Feed more customers and handle surge demand
  • Save on food costs and environmental impact
  • Protecting your guests

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