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Published: September 15, 2023

When consumers are on the run and hunger strikes, there’s a unique opportunity to satisfy their desire for a snack when they can’t sit down for a full meal. In fact, 83% of consumers replace meals with snacks on occasion and 63% say one of the most important factors when choosing a snack is that it satisfies hunger1. Now you can give them an amazingly flavorful, simple-to-serve, protein-packed snack or entrée that they can grab and go with Hillshire Farm® Stuffed Croissants.


Treat Customers to Layers of Buttery Bliss in Every Bite

When choosing a snack, 72% of consumers say flavor/taste is one of the most important factors. 1 Filled with delicious, high-quality meats and cheeses and a meaningful amount of protein per serving, Hillshire Farm® Stuffed Croissants are the on-the-go item consumers will feel good about. They provide an affordably indulgent option that’s convenient, portable and delicious to meet consumers’ emotionally driven food preferences.

“Croissants have very strong menu penetration and have shown close to 50% year-over-year growth,” 2 says Kylee Francis, Sr. Manager of Innovation at Tyson Foodservice. “We wanted to take the love of croissants and turn them into something more than just a carb-heavy breakfast snack. By adding high quality meats filled with flavor and protein, we were able to create a more holistic solution.”


Unlock Profit Potential with Ease

We understand the concerns you face today with food costs, customer satisfaction and managing labor costs. Hillshire Farm® Stuffed Croissants enable you to tackle all three, bringing on-the-go convenience to your sandwich offerings without compromising taste or quality:

·       Trending: Provide a fun twist on a familiar offering with three great flavors

·       Quick: Prepare this pre-made sandwich in 7-8 minutes and get a 2-hour hold time

·       Versatile: Serve as a hot grab-and-go item or in the cold retail section for a later heat-and-eat occasion

·       Profitable: Get product quality and perceived value that will allow you to upsell across dayparts

"Something that's unique and really a strong reason to believe in this product is that croissants are very challenging to make,” says Francis. “We're able to create a product that is pretty similar to craft bakery in terms of quality, folding together 20 plus layers of dough with butter in between and then rolling in meats and cheeses in the middle to create an all-in-one eating experience.”

Deliver Deliciousness Across Dayparts

Croissants are the #1 most likely to be ordered breakfast sandwich bread type.4 Plus, a recent study found that consumers viewed the top 3 uses for Stuffed Croissants to be Weekday Breakfast (86%), On-the-Go (76%) and Weekend Breakfast or Brunch (70%).5 So, they’re also a tasty choice for the whole family at any time of the day.

Get Proven Sales Success

This product form is already popular. It appears on-menu at a top-5 QSR chain and is extremely well liked, outperforming nearly all other breakfast pastry items and getting a 4-star rating for uniqueness.6 It’s also a great way to elevate C-store offerings where over half of consumers purchase foodservice snacks at least once a week.7

“Giving operators the ability to serve house-made quality croissants, combined with craveable ingredients backed by Hillshire Farm® brand standards, along with rigorous testing for hold times and best-in-class product prep, is a huge unlock. At the end of the day, it’s just really delicious and everyone will want to try it.”

Kylee Francis

Sr. Manager Innovation Foodservice

Tyson Foods

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