Great Menus Start with Great Burgers

We know that every truly, mouthwateringly great burger has to start somewhere. We also know that your customers have a wide range of tastes. That’s why we offer an array of burger options that are consistently high-quality and versatile enough to help meet the needs of your menu.

Menu Inspiration To Help You Excite With Every Bite

Deluxe Cheeseburger with Pickles and Onion

Two irresistible patties with melted American cheese and topped with dill pickle slices and sweet onion rings all served on a classic bun with crisp lettuce and fresh tomato slices.

All Night Diner Burger

Chopped beef steak burger or pattie on a classic bakery bun with melty American cheese, crispy, grilled onion rings, lettuce, fresh tomato, and an assortment of complementing condiments.

Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Mouthwatering chopped beef steak or pattie on a sesame seed bun with gooey, melted Swiss cheese paired with grilled onions and mushroom slices. All topped with crisp lettuce and a fresh slice of tomato. 

Fully Cooked vs. Raw

Take a look at how much time and labor you can save as our chef shows the difference between preparing a fully-cooked The Pub® burger versus a raw burger. 

Featured Products

Entice more consumers with the features and certifications they seek out. We’re proud to offer the mouth-watering Certified Angus Beef, Halal certified, and All Natural* options that your patrons will absolutely love. 
AdvancePierre™ Fully Cooked Flamebroiled Halal Certified Beef Steak Burger
The Pub® Fully Cooked Flamebroiled Beef Chuck Steak Burgers
The Pub® All-Natural* Flame Grilled USDA Choice Angus Beef Chuck Steak Burger

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