What sliced & shaved proteins are right for you?

Looking to elevate with inspired dishes, boost average check size, or simplify with proteins that work across your menu?

What sliced & shaved proteins are right for you?

Save Up to $500 On Latest Products

Maximize profits with the TysonNewSpring2024 promo on top-selling & incredibly versatile Fully Cooked Philly products.

Save Up to $500 On Latest Products

Fully Cooked Product Update

In early 2024, all Fully Cooked Philly products will take the form of versatile & flexible Cook-In-Bag (CIB) packaging.

Fully Cooked Product Update

Our Brands

Trusted for decades, Steak-EZE® brand inspires culinary creativity with its unrivaled versatility, while Original Philly® brand is the go-to choice for authentic cheesesteaks and Philly-inspired dishes. And when operators need more options, our Philly Portfolio has smart solutions at every value tier—offering a variety of cuts, processing techniques, marination levels, and portion sizes.

Product Formats


Our easiest & most popular sliced proteins—made for back of house efficiency, ideal for a wide variety of menu items

Fast BreakAway®

For when kitchen speed is a priority—from freezer to plate in about 90 seconds

Flat Steak

The go-to choice for classic cheesesteaks, sandwiches & pizzas

Fully Cooked

Just heat & serve—the perfect Philly option with no need for flat top grills or pans

Find your Philly fit.

Answer a few quick questions to identify the sliced & shaved product(s) that best fit your operation.

Philly for whatever kitchen or concept you lead.

  • Full-Service Restaurant (FSR)
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
  • Owners & Operators
  • Convenience Stores
  • Non-Commercial
  • Recreation

Great ways to work Philly onto your menu

From classic to creative and everything in between, Philly beef and chicken works across all menu concepts, day parts and locations. (Hint: it doesn’t have to be in a sandwich, and it doesn’t have to be anywhere near Philadelphia.)

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