Your Own Personal Prep Squad

At Tyson Foodservice, we understand the challenge to “do more with less.” We can help with ready-to-serve solutions that address your back-of-house concerns—with everything from fully cooked products that reduce prep time to popular flavors and forms that optimize your product inventory.

Prepped and ready to go

With options that span across protein types, menu applications and dayparts, our complete portfolio of ready-to-serve offerings can fit any need in your kitchen and any place on your menu. Here are just some of the possibilities.

How much time can you save with our fully cooked products? Watch to find out!

Your Prep Squad Support Team

We’re always with you in the kitchen, even if it can’t be in person. Because every offering that leaves our doors has been developed, tested and approved by our expert team based on these simple standards: how it eases prep, adds flavor and expands your menu possibilities.

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