How does Original Philly® brand continuously earn operators’ trust & business?*

Authentic Flavor

Proprietary seasoning formulas — honoring our ingredients & enhancing the natural characteristics of the beef – create a classic flavor celebrated for decades

Fast & Easy Prep

Crafted to cook to ideal piece size in 90 seconds with basic spatula chops & a flat top grill, or heat & serve with our versatile Fully Cooked solutions

Consistent Quality

Signature blends of grainfed beef – produced using innovative manufacturing techniques – deliver natural whole-muscle appearance & texture with optimal yield

Truly The Original

Rooted in Philly & served everywhere – from big chains & stadiums to neighborhood pizzerias, delis, diners & bars – including iconic ‘steak shops for over 40 years

It's Go-Time!

From Spring Break to summer vacays, Americans are on-the-go. Stock up on authentic Flat Steaks & feed their excitement.

It's Go-Time!

Fully Cooked Product Update

In early 2024, all Fully Cooked Philly products will take the form of versatile & flexible Cook-In-Bag (CIB) packaging.

Fully Cooked Product Update

Original Philly® Products

Go Classic or Get Creative

Not only are Original Philly® products in the middle of the world’s favorite cheesesteaks…they’re also featured on pizza, fries & nachos, in quesadillas, egg rolls & more. Our sliced beef & chicken excel across menu concepts, price points, regions, even day-parts.

Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Cheesesteak Sliders

When Value is a Top Consideration...

Our Portfolio of sliced & shaved proteins offers smart solutions at every value tier—with a variety of brands, cuts, processing techniques, marination levels & portion sizes to serve virtually any foodservice operator/environment.

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