Original Philly® Sliced Beef & Chicken

With Original Philly® brand’s iconic flavor plus natural, whole-muscle appearance and bite, operators can wow customers with crave-worthy cheesesteaks and Philly-inspired dishes that are as economical as they are authentic.

Deliver an authentic Philly experience anywhere—with the crafted flavor profile that’s served everywhere…from restaurant chains and stadiums to local pizza joints, delis, cafeterias, and bars.

Fast & Easy Prep

Best known for classic Flat Steaks, but available in a variety of formats, portion sizes, and marination options, Original Philly® products go from freezer to plate in 90 seconds with basic chops and a flat top grill. (Fully Cooked products are also available.)

Go Classic or Get Creative

Not only are Original Philly® products in the middle of the world’s favorite cheesesteaks…they’re also featured on pizza, atop fries and nachos, in quesadillas and egg rolls, and more. Our sliced beef and chicken excel across menu concepts, price points, regions, even day parts.

Proven Quality, Consistency & Convenience

Founded over 40 years ago, Original Philly® is the most trusted brand of Philly beef and chicken slices. 

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