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Star Ranch Angus® 
Brand Beef

USDA Choice quality Angus beef products proudly produced in the USA. When you put Star Ranch Angus® brand beef on your menu, you’re serving your customers consistent, quality, all-American beef. They’ll know they can get hand-selected and hand-trimmed cuts without any added ingredients. So when your customers are looking for flavorful beef they can count on, you’ve got them covered.

More Than A Beef Brand Image

More Than a Beef Brand

The Star Ranch Angus® brand believes in the importance of mealtime. We believe the people and conversations around the table are just as important as what’s on the table. And nearly 60% of consumers agree they’d rather pay more for a higher-quality product than pay less to receive average quality.1 Your customers want dependable, trustworthy, delicious beef, so they can enjoy their time at your establishment. It’s a tradition we’re proud to be a part of. 

Flavorful Foodservice Beef that keeps people coming back

Every Cut of Star Ranch Angus® Brand is Always:

  • 100% Angus beef
  • USDA Choice quality grade for consistently juicy beef
  • “A” maturity to ensure premium color, texture and tenderness
  • Hand-selected and hand-trimmed for optimum uniformity and consistency
  • Cut to ¼” trim specification
  • Moderately thick or better muscling
  • Without added ingredients, just 100% Angus beef to satisfy your customers
  • Not influenced by dairy
  • Without neck humps exceeding 2 inches
  • A product of the USA

Every Cut of Star Ranch Angus® Brand Satisfies


Want to know more about our beef products? Here’s some of the answers to your questions about this Star Ranch Angus® beef. 

For foodservice, it’s a good idea to freeze your beef after you portion and package it. Labeling helps a great deal with knowing the cut and how long it’s been in storage. Lastly, wrap the pre-portioned cuts in heavy duty aluminum foil, or airtight bags for long-term storage. 

The beef chosen for the Star Ranch Angus® brand is selected on quality rather than production methods. Star Ranch Angus® brand beef does not exclude the use of antibiotics or added hormones for the cattle that go into the program. It is important to note that there are FDA-mandated withdrawal periods for any antibiotics or added hormones that are administered.

Star Ranch Angus® brand products are produced in the USA. 

Angus beef comes from the Angus cattle breed that originated in Scotland. These black-colored cattle are the most popular breed in the US and are known for producing the delicious, well-marbled meat that we know and love. 

USDA Choice is the second-highest grade with flavorful, tender cuts but with less marbling than USDA Prime. Star Ranch Angus® brand beef is an excellent value for the quality you are getting.

According to the USDA, raw beef should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 145°F. 

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