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Optimizing Your Business 

Our goal every day is to work with you to provide solution-based resources for your business. With access to key insight-based solutions for your menu, we can provide exclusive guidance from industry-related reports and how Tyson Foodservice can help. To further help drive your business and move you forward, we also offer rebates and money-saving incentives to help build your profits when purchasing branded products from Tyson Foodservice.

We’re meeting and exceeding evolving customer needs to help ensure your long-term success and profitability.

More Than Just A Product

A Compelling Case: A Feature Film by Tyson Foodservice

When you place an order with Tyson Foodservice, you get so much more than just a product. You get culinary expertise, insight-based innovation, marketing solutions, sales support and more. That’s a pretty compelling case, right? Watch the video and learn more.

Chef preparing food in an industrial kitchen

Prep Squad

With Tyson Foodservice, it’s like having your own personal prep squad. Put our ready-to-serve solutions to work in your kitchen.

Products & Resources

Featured Recipe

Al Pastor Thin Pizza

Featuring an insight-driven new product from Tyson Foodservice, our Hillshire Farm® Sliced Pork Belly.