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Culinary Tips Videos

Add More Flavor to Your Menu , Not More Sodium
Join Leslie and Chef Brooks as they share new ways to add flavors to your K-12 menu without having to add in a lot of sodium.
Best Cooking Prep Practices
Join Chef Brooks as he shares ways to prep your proteins that will boost flavor and performance.
White Meat vs Dark Meat
Join Chef Brooks as he walks us through the differences between white meat and dark meat chicken.

Trending Flavors & Recipes Videos

Menu Versatility with Island Flavors
Join Chef Brooks in the kitchen, as he shares innovative ways to add Island flavors to your school menu.
Menu Versatility with Korean Flavors
Join Chef Brooks as he shares ways to add Korean flavors to your school menu.
Menu Versatility with Southeast Asian Flavors
Chef Brooks walks us through innovative ways to add Southeast Asian flavors to school menus.

How to Wrap
Tyson K-12 Chef Gary walks through a quick tutorial on how to make the perfect wrap!
Awesome Sauce
Spice up your burgers with these three simple sauce recipes to make any burger stand out with your students!
Simple Sauces
Four simple sauce recipes built with the ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

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