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Published: September 21, 2023

There’s nothing like the tasty, toasty pleasure of enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich. And with “toasted” appearing on 49% of sandwich restaurant menus in the U.S.,1  it’s no surprise that there’s a huge opportunity to grow sales in the toasted sandwich category. Add in a grab-and-go offering, brilliant. Pump up the protein ratio—voila, even better! That’s why Pierre® brand is introducing three flavor innovations to complement its Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich with delicious heat-and-eat, protein-packed snack or entrée options.

Give Customers a Familiar Favorite with a Protein Boost

74% of consumers say that familiar ingredients are a top factor in buying a sandwich away-from-home.2  The new Pierre® brand melts build on what consumers already love about the popular Pierre® Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich and introduce delicious protein options like bacon, cheesesteak and BBQ pork. They’re a great way for labor-constrained operators to broaden their sandwich offerings and help satisfy consumers' hunger while on the run.


Tap Into the Comfort Food Trend

Grab-and-go packaged sandwiches have seen sales growth in the last year for 52% of operators who offer sandwiches.2  Pierre® brand taps into this trend with authentic toasted sandwiches that appeal to consumers’ recessionary trends toward comfort, nostalgia and affordable indulgences. With tasty, quality ingredients, the sandwiches fulfill consumers’ desire for an all-time favorite—with a protein boost—that can be grabbed on the run and enjoyed to the last bite.

Satisfy Consumer Desire for Speedy Sandwiches

Speed and convenience are the primary drivers behind sandwich consumption and 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a sandwich that provides a good source of protein.2 Pierre® brand offers a quick, delicious, comforting and protein-packed snack or entrée solution for busy on-the-go customers looking to satiate hunger at an affordable price.


The Proof is in the Packaging

In case you’re wondering how these delicious sandwiches get their hot and toasty appeal, it has to do with some incredibly innovative packaging. “The toasted melts come packaged in a paper wrapper specially designed to crisp the bread as it microwaves, delivering toasty perfection on the outside and cheesy, melty goodness on the inside,” says Lauren Behl, Associate Director of Innovation at Tyson Foodservice.

Check Out the Full Line:

Help Manage Labor Costs and Add Appeal

We understand the concerns you face today with food costs, customer satisfaction and managing labor costs.3  And, with 58% of operators saying ready-to-heat/serve is important when selecting sandwiches,2  Pierre® brand sandwiches can help you address these challenges. They allow you to treat consumers to delicious on-the-go sandwiches with no back-of-house labor because they come pre-assembled, pre-toasted and ready-to-heat in their individual packaging. All you have to do is thaw the product to get these incredible benefits:

·       Satisfying: Appeal to consumers’ desire for a good source of protein on the go

·       Quick: Prepare each pre-made sandwich in just 45-60 seconds

·       Versatile: Serve as a hot grab-and-go item or in the cold retail section for a later heat-and-eat occasion.

·       Profitable: Get proven product quality and premium ingredients that will allow you to upsell across dayparts

“We were first to market with a packaged, pre-toasted, pre-assembled grilled cheese sandwich,” says Behl. “We have conducted consumer testing to ensure the sandwiches meet our rigorous standards for quality and flavor. We also have executed heat-and-hold testing to validate various retherm methods and holding times.”

“By adding additional varieties to the Pierre® brand line, operators are now able to expand their offerings and help drive traffic to gain incremental sales from patrons looking for more satiating and indulgent lunch and dinner sandwich solutions,” says Behl.

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