Help Minimize Costs by

Maximizing Your Chicken

Offerings in the AM Daypart

Published: November 2, 2023

With all the concerns you face today with food costs, customer satisfaction and managing labor costs, you may be looking for new ways to give customers what they want, while keeping an eye on your bottom line. So how do you strike that balance between making your menu items more appealing and keeping costs manageable? By using what you already have access to on your PM menu and making it work harder. 

Boost Your AM with a Delicious PM Protein

As you know, breakfast is already a big deal. And with Saturday brunch now the busiest daypart by sales at restaurants,1 there’s an incredible opportunity to tap into this lucrative trend. Especially in the AM daypart, which is growing like crazy, we’re seeing 45% of consumers showing interest in dishes that feature premium meats.2 What better way to satisfy that demand than by incorporating chicken into your breakfast and brunch items? By maximizing the use of chicken across both your PM and AM menus, it can help you save on costs while allowing for creativity with unique flavors and ingredients on standard dishes.


Help Boost Profits with the Popularity of Chicken

Chicken is already the top 10 most-loved item in flavor3, and all types of fried proteins are gaining growth on breakfast menus.4 Think chicken and biscuits, chicken and waffles, and other craveable and trendy limited-time offerings that could help you boost breakfast profits and drive incremental traffic. As AM customers continue to seek new flavor experiences, chicken can work hard across your menu to get your customers into the door and coming back for more.

45% of consumers are voicing interest in dishes that feature premium meats in the AM daypart2

Meet Consumer Demand with Delicious Chicken Dishes

Breaded chicken sandwiches, nuggets, chicken wings and fried chicken all represent growing items in the AM daypart.5 Breaded chicken sandwiches, for example, are up 92% in this daypart over the last four years.4 If you already have these items on your PM menu, there’s lots of ways to add them to your AM dishes to make them memorable and enticing. Check out these tasty recipes:

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Ready to Maximize Your AM Menu and Minimize Costs with Chicken?

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