Get a product that kids grew up with

A Bosco® Stick Day was always a great day in school. Now every day can be one too, when you delight your most important customers by offering Bosco® Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks in your stores. These ooey-gooey, doughy delights are an easy-to-prep anytime meal or snack that has become a top-selling hot food item in C-stores.

Bite Into The Good Stuff

They’re easy

Heat ‘Em: Bake, fry or speed oven (best when heated from refrigerated).

Top ‘Em: Customize with a brush of butter, top with Parmesan or herbs.

Bag ‘Em: Branded sleeves or individually wrapped for heat-and-go convenience. 

They’re cheesy

There’s gooey goodness in every bite. Surrounded by warm dough, these are a favorite, on-the-run snacking option packed with quality consumers can see and taste.

They’re pleasy

The aroma alone can get the attention of the customer when they walk in the door—triggering memories of nostalgia for those who grew up with Bosco® Stuffed Breadsticks, and a craving for those who didn’t. 

79% of consumers love or like stuffed breadsticks

Datassential FLAVOR™ 2021

40% of consumers want nostalgic items or flavors

Technomic Consumer Trend Report |flavor 2021; IFMA CPP The Big Report, March 2021

At 57%, cheesy is the top craveable flavor that drives foodservice purchase

Technomic Consumer Trend Report 2021

40 out of 50 states have schools that serve Bosco® Sticks.

Tyson K-12 Foodservice

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