Gyro Plate Recipe

This is a fresh, inspiring take on the classic Gyro featuring Tyson® To Go Fully Cooked Breaded Homestyle Chicken Tenderloins with savory couscous, sweet cherry peppers, green olives, tri-colored grape tomatoes and red onions drizzled with olive oil, classic tzatziki sauce, shaved English cucumber, feta cheese and fresh aromatic rosemary. 




Main Ingredients

3 oz.

Prepared Couscous (sub recipe)

2 oz.

Sweet Cherry Peppers, drained

2 oz.

Pitted Green Olives, drained

3 oz.

Tri-colored Grape Tomatoes, halved

1 oz.

Red Onions, diced, ¼ inch

1 Tbsp.

Olive Oil

2 oz.

Tzatziki Sauce (sub recipe)

6 each

English Cucumber, shaved, ribbons

1 oz.

Feta Cheese, crumbled

1 oz.

Fresh Rosemary, chopped

3 each

Tyson®  To Go Fully Cooked Breaded Homestyle Chicken Tenderloins



Step 1:  Place the prepared couscous onto the lower middle side of the plate.

Step 2:  Place the sweet cherry peppers and olives to the side of the prepared couscous.

Step 3:  Place the tri-colored tomatoes above the cherry pepper and olive mix.

Step 4:  Garnish tri-colored tomatoes with diced red onions and olive oil.

Step 5:  Spread the tzatziki sauce onto the plate next to the couscous.

Step 6:  Place the cucumber ribbons on top of the tzatziki sauce.

Step 7:  Garnish the entire dish with feta cheese and chopped rosemary.

Step 8:  Place the Tyson® To Go Fully Cooked Breaded Homestyle Chicken Tenderloins on top of the couscous.

Step 9:  Serve as needed.

Sub Recipe

Yield:  Serves 4


Main Ingredients

15 oz.

Prepared Chicken Broth (commercially available)

½ tsp.

Kosher Salt

1 Tbsp.

Unsalted Butter

1 Tbsp.

Olive Oil

10 oz.

Couscous, dried



Step 1:  In a medium saucepan, bring the chicken broth, salt, butter and oil to a boil.

Step 2:  Stir in the couscous, cover tightly with a lid and remove from heat.

Step 3:  Let the couscous steam for 5 minutes.

Step 4:  Use a fork to fluff the couscous and break up any clumps.

Step 5:  Serve as needed warm.

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