On-Site Dining


Because small plates are becoming more and more popular as entrees, they have increasingly driven incremental traffic during the more traditional dining dayparts. This allows you to give guests a more robust experience with a variety of dishes and flavors making your menu appeal to a wider audience than with traditional offerings.

Feel-Good Dining Without Compromise

Patrons are demanding unique, great-tasting, protein options with health appeal and at Tyson Foods, we believe that nothing should prevent you from offering everything that’s important to your patrons. That’s why you can feel good about serving our Tyson® Uncooked Unbreaded IF Chicken, Tyson True® Tenderpressed® Breast Filets, and Tyson Red Label® chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever—and your customers can feel great about enjoying it. Our No Antibiotics Ever promise is just one more example of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Building Guest Confidence One Small Plate at a Time

Guest satisfaction and hospitality has always been top-of-mind for hoteliers. That sentiment hasn’t wavered as shelter-in-place orders begin to lift across the country and consumers begin to explore traveling again.

Lodging Products