Honey Jalapeño Chicken Sandwich Recipe

This sandwich is next-level delicious! Place a Tyson Red Label® Authentically Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Filet on thick, buttery Texas toast stacked with chipotle aioli and tri-colored slaw. Top it off with thinly sliced, fresh jalapeños tossed in local honey for a spicy-sweet crunchy accent.


SERVINGS: 1 Chicken Sandwich

1 EA. Tyson Red Label® Authentically Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast File
1 OZ.Jalapeños, fresh, flash-fried
As NeededHoney
2 EA.Texas Toast, heated
2 TSBP.Chipotle aioli, commercially prepared
2 OZ.Tri-colored slaw

Alternative Product:
Tyson Red Label® Uncooked Authentically Crispy Chicken Breast Filets


Step 1 - Deep Fry: PREPARATION: Appliances vary, adjust accordingly. Cook from frozen. To prepare Tyson® Authentically Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Filet, preheat cooking oil to 350°F. From frozen, place filet in a fryer basket, submerge in oil, and shake basket. Cook the product for 7.5 minutes until product reaches at least 165°F internal temperature. Remove from oil and set aside.

Step 2 - In a large bowl, slice the fresh jalapeños, flash fry them, toss with honey and set aside.

Step 3 - To Prepare Each Sandwich: spread chipotle aioli on Texas toast followed by the tri-colored slaw, spicy filet, and honey tossed jalapeños. Serve immediately.

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