6 Epic Ideas for a Globally On-Trend Menu

Published: June 18, 2024

As dining populations in the U.S. become increasingly more diverse—it’s the right time to diversify your menu as well, offering tastes that resonate with multi-cultural diners and bringing exciting new taste-adventures to all diners. Since 53% of consumers would pay more for culturally specific dining experiences1, you can’t afford to wait. But how do you globalize your menu with ease and efficiency? Rely on menu inspiration and recipes that utilize ingredients from brands you trust. Then plan an exciting new menu-reveal at an opportune moment—read on!

Adventure in Every Bite

With the games arriving in summer of 2024—a love for all things international will be in full effect. That translates to even greater incentive for diners to seek out worldly menus offering unique dishes or flavor-fusions. So why not dial up excitement and draw in more diners with an Olympic-themed LTO, featuring a well-traveled menu.

Tyson Foodservice will get you ready with recipes inspired by the countries competing in the games, helping to make your operation a dining destination.


Bonjour Breakfast 

73% of consumers are interested in regional European cuisine1, which means they’ll love this classic recipe hailing from 16th-century France, made with Hillshire Farm® Hot Smoked Sausage Links.


Ramen Rising

Far-East fare is always trending; but the obsession continues to grow. 72% of consumers are interested in Asian cuisine and prefer to buy it at restaurants versus making it at home.2   This ramen recipe offers a simple, flavorful way to add flair to your menu, using Tyson Red Label® Grilled Chicken Breast Strips.

53% of consumers would pay more for culturally specific dining experiences.1


Big on Bowls

Japanese foods rely heavily on the use of nutritious ingredients like seafood, rice and fermented foods. So, it’s no surprise that a healthier type of cuisine, like this, would be a hit among Americans in search of wellness-focused options. Brighten your menu with our simple but colorful Japanese bowl, made with Tyson Red Label® Homestyle Boneless Wings.


Bolder Brunch 

We all know brunch is beloved in the U.S., yet it’s a concept that originally hails from Britain. So how do you make brunch show up differently on your menu? Authenticity is key. Use this recipe that’s popular across the pond to spice up traditional toast, featuring Aidells® All Natural Chicken and Mango Breakfast Sausage Links.

79% of consumers are more likely to order an appetizer or a side dish in a restaurant that features global influences.2


Tiny Bites with Big Flavor

79% of consumers are more likely to order an appetizer or a side dish in a restaurant that features global influences.2 That’s good news for operators interested in serving tapas—the Spanish small bites that can add up to a full meal experience. This recipe, made with Hillshire Farm® Fully Cooked Sous Vide Pork Belly, can create a fiesta vibe on your menu.


Pies that Pop

While Italian cuisine is well-loved in the U.S.—homing in on more regional recipes can offer a way to stand out. Menuing pizza that’s not just Italian, but Sicilian, can catch the attention of diners looking for new variations on classics. Our pizza recipe features Hillshire Farm® Spicy Italian Sausage plus a distinctive mix of toppings. 

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