Spanish Tapas inspired Pork Belly Flatbread

Crisp flatbread, topped with seared pork belly, caramelized red onion, herb infused portabella mushrooms and Manchego cheese. Finished with a sauce duo of blood orange BBQ glaze and roasted poblano mayo. 




6 oz                       10000005362 Hillshire Farm® Fully Cooked Sous Vide Large Cut Pork Belly
1 pc               Flatbread
Approx. 4 oz Manchego cheese
2 ozJulienne red onion


Blood Orange BBQ Glaze

1 CBlood orange juice
¼ C BBQ sauce


Roasted Poblano Mayo

1 CMayo
1Poblano pepper whole
¼ oz Fresh Cilantro


Herb Infused Portobello Mushrooms

3 oz Portobello mushroom 
1 tsp Thyme 
1 tsp Rosemary 

Blood Orange Glaze

  • Bring Orange juice and BBQ sauce to a boil and reduce by half.
  • You may also add a half oz of tequila near the end phase of the reduction process.

Roasted Poblano Mayo

  • Roast poblano and de-seed.
  • After cooling add cilantro and poblano to food processor.
  • Add Mayo, mix thoroughly.
  • Store refrigerated
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