The Pittsburgh Recipe

A celebrated sandwich from our neighbors to the west, the Pittsburgh sandwich puts fries right on the roll! Seasoned steak slices are still the main attraction, though. Using thick-cut toast, layer the steak with grilled onions on top of a generous bed of french fries, then melt a few slices of provolone before placing the toast top. Finish with ketchup and/or slaw as desired.

 Prep Time: 10 min. | Cook Time: 10 min.


Serving Amount – 1 Servings



4 ozOriginal Philly® Beef Sandwich Slices, 4 oz.
Handful French Fries
1 TbspOlive Oil
4 Slicesof preferred Cheese
1 LongItalian Roll or Thick Cut Toast
 Fried Onions
 Ketchup (optional)

Step 1 - Heat griddle to 350-400˚F.

Step 2 - Add olive oil and sauté steak slices until brown on one side, about 1 minute.

Step 3 - Flip onto other side. (If using a natural, unseasoned product, sprinkle with salt, pepper or your own blend of spices.)

Step 4 - Begin separating beef slices (do not over chop) and thoroughly cook to a minimum temperature of 165˚F and all pink color is gone.

Step 5 - Mix in some sautéed onions.

Step 6 - Throw on the cheese slices.

Step 7 - Line the long roll or toast with the French Fries.

Step 8 - When cheese is melted, slide the spatula under the meat and flip into a hinged long roll or toast, on top of the fries.

Step 9 - Add ketchup.

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