Stuffed Thai Beef Summer Roll Recipe

Enhance beef summer roll flavor with the spicy-sweet Stuffed Thai Beef Summer Roll featuring The Original Steak-EZE® BreakAway® Sirloin Beef Steak, Mae Ploy Thai chili sauce and fresh vegetables arranged on rice paper, folded like a burrito, and served with peanut sauce.


1 ea.

Rice Paper, 14” round

4 oz.

The Original Steak-EZE® BreakAway® Sirloin Beef Steak, Lightly Marinated

1 Tbsp.

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce, Mae Ploy

1 oz.

Red Cabbage, fine julienne

1 oz.

Romaine, shredded

1 oz.

Carrot, shredded

1 oz.

Rice Noodles

1 tsp.

Lime Juice

2 oz. 

Thai Peanut Sauce


Step 1 – Preheat oven to 350°F. Cook from frozen for 18 minutes. As the meat slices begin to cook, separate them with a spatula and add any desired seasonings. Beef should have an evenly brown appearance when completely cooked. Toss beef in sweet Thai chili glaze and chill.

Step 2 – Cook rice noodles according to manufacturer’s instructions. Chill and hold cold.

Step 3 - Dip rice paper in warm water for 1-2 minutes until rehydrated and pliable.

Step 4 - Lay rice paper on work surface. Add the vegetables, rice noodles and beef to middle of rice wrapper.

Step 5 - Fold ends in and roll like a burrito.

Step 6 - Cut in half and serve with peanut sauce.

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