Grilled Steak Burger with Scratch Made Pimento Spread

Smokey Gluten free steak burger on a toasted bun blanketed with fresh tomato, lettuce, pickle and a smear of scratch made pimento.

Grilled Steak Burger with Scratch Made Pimento Spread

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Grilled Steak Burger with Pimento Spread

Grilled Steak Burger

Tyson® Flame Grilled Beef Steak Burger #10000068050 - 10 Burgers

Iceberg lettuce - 10 leaves

Tomato - 3/4 lb

Pickle chips - 40 slices

Ciabatta bun - 10 buns

Pimento Spread

L-O-L Shredded Mild Cheddar - 1 1/4 lb

Pimento (canned) - 10 oz

Lite Mayo - 5 oz

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  1. Place Steak burger on sprayed sheet pan.
  2. Place in pre-heated oven at 350° for ten minutes and hold covered at 145°.
  3. Smear .05 pimento oz spread on bottom of warmed or toasted bun.
  4. Place steak burger on the smeared bottom bun.
  5. Place pre- built burger set. (lettuce tomato and pickle).
  6. Smear top bun with .05 oz pimento spread place on top and serve.


Pimento Spread

  1. In a mixing bowl add all ingredients together and fold evenly.
  2. Let stand and chill for 1 hour.