Simple ways to boost margins with pre-sliced chicken

Published: June 19, 2023

Margins are tighter than ever; this we all know. One simple strategy for growing revenue is scouring your menu for opportunities to upgrade current dishes without increasing labor costs.

Simple additions to the menu can be additive to existing dishes – giving you a great way to both mix up the menu for patrons and increase your margin – one dish at a time.

Pre-sliced and diced ingredient chicken are an excellent way to do so. The added bonus:  they do so without the need for significant labor, improving back-of-house efficiency.

Need ideas? Here are some quick and simple ways to upgrade your menu and bottom line with sliced and diced ingredient chicken (available with All Natural* options):

“Add chicken to any dish for $_”
With options like these below and more, the choices to add chicken are endless; and not just for soups and salads.

Explore Tyson Red Label® ingredient meats, or other Tyson ingredient meats here.


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*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.