Santa Fe BLT Flatbread Recipe

This southwest Santa Fe BLT Flatbread is layered with flavor from savory salsa verde, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled red cherry peppers, Jimmy Dean® Extra Thick Cut Bacon and the cheese. Once out of the oven, it’s topped with orange guacamole, microgreens and finished with the red chili vinaigrette. 


Serving Amount – 1 Flatbread



6 stripsJimmy Dean® Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked Bacon Extra Thick Sliced
1 pc.Flatbread Crust
6 oz.Salsa Verde
3 oz.Sun-Dried Tomatoes, in oil
2 oz.Pickled Red Cherry Peppers
10 oz.Chihuahua Cheese or Smoked Mozzarella
4 oz.Charred Orange Guacamole
½ oz.Microgreens
4 Tbsp.Mango & Red Chili Vinaigrette

Step 1 - On a sheet pan with a screen, add par-baked flatbread crust. Evenly distribute the salsa Verde, leaving an approx. ½” un-sauced edge.

Step 2 – Add the sun-dried tomatoes and pickled red cherry peppers evenly across the top of the sauce.

Step 3 - Take the Jimmy Dean® Extra Thick Cut Bacon that has been cooked and sliced, and evenly distribute over the entire flatbread. Spread with cheese and cook until cheese is melted and bubbly.

Step 4 - Once out of the oven, spread the charred orange guacamole over the top of the cheese.

Step 5 - Top with the microgreens and dress with the mango and red chili vinaigrette.

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