BLT Sushi Roll Recipe

You could call it a Baconshi, but we call it the BLT Sushi Roll, a cali roll-inspired sushi. Toasted nori sheets are stuffed with Wright® Brand Naturally Hickory Smoked Extra Extra Thick Sliced Steak Cut Bacon, rice, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and avocado and drizzled with spicy sriracha aioli. The best of bacon and sushi in one great recipe!




2 ea.Wright® Brand Naturally Hickory Smoked Extra Extra Thick Sliced Steak Cut Bacon
2 oz.Sushi Rice, Cooked
1 ea.Nori Sheets, Toasted
½ oz.Tomato, Thin Sliced
½ oz.Avocado, Thin Sliced
½ oz.Butter Lettuce, Thin Sliced

Sriracha Aioli


1 CupMayonnaise, Low Fat
2 Tbsp.Sriracha

Step 1 - Lay bacon flat on a sheet tray and cook in a convection oven at 350F for 10-15 min. or until bacon is golden brown and crispy. Drain fat off bacon and allow bacon to cool to room temperature for service.

Step 2 - Cut vegetables accordingly.

Step 3 - Sriracha Aioli: mix mayonnaise and sriracha thoroughly, hold cold for service.

To Plate

  • Lay nori sheet flat on bamboo sushi roller. Gently spread rice in an even layer completely covering one side/face of the nori.
  • Lay the rest of the ingredients on an even line down the middle of the rice.
  • Working parallel to the line of ingredients and using the bamboo roller, lift one side of the nori and roll it over to meet the other edge of nori and rice, completely surrounding the interior ingredients.
  • Slice into 4-6 pieces. Drizzle with sriracha aioli and serve.
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