All Bacon is

Not Created Equal.

Ensure Yours is

Masterfully Crafted.

Published: June 30, 2023

Oh, that first bite into bacon. The crispy, savory, salty, smoky goodness is something most consumers can’t resist. But there’s bacon... and then there’s premium quality bacon. And we’re to going show you why menuing premium quality bacon across your menu is worth it to satisfy the growing popularity and consumer demand for bacon that’s simply better. Because when it comes to bacon, there is a better way. A masterfully crafted way. Bacon the Wright Way®.

"We work hard. And there’s no shortcuts or cutting of curing or smoking time."

Kirk Eggelston 

Tyson Foods

Get the Best Quality with Bacon the Wright Way®

The storied flavor and quality of Wright® Brand Bacon started more than 100 years, when Roy Wright and Egbert and Fay Eggleston set out to create a thicker, fuller-flavored bacon slice by paying close attention to every detail in curing, real-wood smoking and hand trimming. Today, this premium bacon remains an operator and customer favorite, known for its rich, genuine, savory flavor and consistent quality. 

"There’s a pride and history that goes into our product because it’s our life’s work, ” says Kirk Eggelston, Senior Manager, Continuous Improvement at Tyson Foodservice. “We work hard. And there’s no shortcuts or cutting of curing or smoking time." 

Experience Rich, Genuine Flavor

Rooted in Tradition 


Since 1922, Wright® Brand has been known for its unique, full-flavored bacon. And you can be known for it too, when you menu this premium bacon in your establishment. Masterfully crafted, real-wood smoked and hand-trimmed, it's the kind of bacon that customers will come back for. 

“Our bacon is heavily smoked with premium pork bellies,” says Eggleston. “It’s a superior bacon because of the time and effort we put into it.”

Bacon is now in 


and on

70% OF MENUS.2


Make Everything Better with Bacon

With bacon now in 75% of households1 and on 70% of menus2, it's not just for breakfast or a secondary protein anymore. With its ever-growing popularity, this beloved protein has been expanded across the menu to enhance dishes and boost sales as consumers seek new and bold flavors. Here’s just a few of the ways you can get in on the premium bacon trend:

  • Keto: Capitalize on the keto lifestyle market with consumers who view bacon as a less processed meat for their low carb, high-fat diet.
  • Pizza: Add bold flavor and an artisan flair to your ever-popular pizza and flatbreads.
  • Entrees: Make it an entrée with chicken fried bacon, which is trending at chain restaurants.
  • Burgers: Keep your burgers up to par with a premium bacon experience.
  • Jam: Add a premium topping to sandwiches and entrees with bacon jam, which has grown 44% on menus in the past four years2.
  • Snacks: Offer candied bacon as a snack customers won’t be able to resist.
  • Drinks: Mix it up with salty, sweet and vibrant cocktails.
  • Desserts: Get in on the sweet and savory trend by menuing innovative desserts.
  • Breakfast: Bold up your breakfast in new ways, like topping pancakes with bacon instead of having it as a side.

Just Add Bacon for a

Higher Price Point on Your Menu 

Consumers are willing to pay more for bacon and their demand for it on your menu is worth it. Breakfast sandwiches with bacon command a $1.49 higher median price than those without bacon. And adding bacon to lunch/dinner sandwiches increases the median price by $0.77. Plus, with Wright® Brand Bacon, you’ll also get an incredible value for premium quality bacon that’s known for its irresistible flavor.

Serve Bacon That’s Beyond the Competition

With the incredible flavor of Wright® Brand Bacon comes the unmistakable quality that will set your establishment apart from those serving everyday bacon. Each month, the team runs a taste test against key competitors to ensure quality standards are consistently applied and following the family tradition. Plus, every slice goes through a 12-step process to make it the best it can possibly be, from sourcing premium pork bellies to the final packing of premium bacon products for delivery.

“Our bacon is superior to competitors because we provide a delicious product with great flavor and value,” says Eggleston. “It’s a leaner bacon, which is due to its thickness. It doesn’t shrink up nearly as much as other brands and provides great cooking consistency with a good salty, sweet and smoky flavor profile.” 

Get Variety, Versatility and Value

Get all the varieties, cuts and flavors you need. Whatever's on your menu, Wright® Brand offers a wide range of products and multiple flavors to enable use in any dish imaginable. Plus, you can choose from three quality cuts in different flavors and varieties that are available in bulk or Flat-Pack® bacon packaging and either frozen or gas-flushed for extended shelf life and improved quality:

  • Popular Cut: Get a good quality, standard graded bacon with a great value for a wide variety of applications.
  • Preferred Cut: Get a great quality, stringently graded bacon and the most variety with three different flavors.
  • Premier Cut: Experience our finest quality of bacon in two different flavors that are strictly graded for muscle-to-lean ratio, slice dimension, product cut and other attributes.

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Bring on the Bacon with Tasty Recipes

Adding real quality bacon, like Wright® Brand, to every menu daypart is something that will make every menu memorable. Here’s a couple of recipe ideas to get you started.

Delight customers with surprising applications: Customers will say, “wow” when they taste this Bacon Bao.

Breakfast Sandwiches with bacon command a 

$1.49 higher median price

than those without bacon.2

Make your sandwiches really stack up: Our Bacon & Pimento Sandwich is the perfect way to appeal to bacon lovers.

Give your BLTs a boost: Amp up the flavor of this classic favorite with our Fried Green Tomato BLT.

Make breakfast even better: Give customers a grab ’n go bite that will really wake them up with our tasty Breakfast Avocado Sandwich.

Are you ready to make everything better with bacon?

Get in on the premium bacon trend and boost flavor profiles across your menu—with Wright® Brand Bacon. Learn more on our product detail page.


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