We’re Here to Help With Breakfast

Breakfast is bigger and better than ever before—so you need products you can count on. Jimmy Dean® Brand offers a broad range of classic and new fully cooked and ready-to-cook breakfast solutions. Whether you’re looking for center-of the plate sausage patties or bacon, or grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches, we’ve got you. Our products are tried and true—so for breakfast, just Lean on Dean

Build Your Best Morning Menu

Jimmy Dean® has got the proteins you need to make your menu work harder—whether it’s ready-to-cook or fully cooked. These products are the perfect way to serve up classic breakfast plates or create a new sandwich that will wow your customers. 

Offer Up Delicious Convenience

People love starting their morning off right with a Jimmy Dean® sandwich, whether they’re grabbing and going or heating and eating. 

Our Signature Taste Has Gone Plant Based

The new Jimmy Dean® Plant Based Breakfast Sausage Patty delivers the taste your flexitarian customers are looking for and the quality you crave. Tap into plant-based trends, get relevant insights and see our special offer—then use this fully cooked protein alternative to add value to your existing menu.

Start the Day Strong

Jimmy Dean® brand offers convenient solutions for any kitchen type—and the flavor customers love. Explore all our products and the possibilities that come with them in this handy brochure. Plus, get valuable insights that will help you make increased profitability possible, easily. 

Good Meaty Morning

People love to start the day with meat—the stats don’t lie. See these and other valuable insights in our breakfast infographic. 

Today’s Trending Inspiration

Breakfast Banh Mi

Bring the flavors of Vietnamese fusion to breakfast with this unique, on-trend recipe. 

Lumberjack Stack Breakfast Sandwich

This loaded breakfast sandwich is filled with meat and has a touch of sweet—morning flavor perfection.  

Bistro Breakfast Croissant

This artisanal-inspired sandwich is can transport customers to Paris in just one bite. 

Breakfast Bistro Sausage Tart

Break through with a breakfast tart—light and flaky crust with the perfect balance of protein. 

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