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The Original Steak-EZE® BreakAway® Sirloin Beef Steak, Lightly Marinated, 3 oz, 12 Lbs

The Original Steak-EZE® BreakAway® Sirloin Beef Steak brings flavor, quality and efficiency together in one easy-to-serve product. Featuring sirloin from 100% Midwestern beef cattle, lightly marinated to enhance natural beefy flavor, this portioned meat separates effortlessly and goes from case to plate in 180 seconds. Please customers with a premium cut of lean beef that's ready for a variety of menu applications across all dayparts. Plus, enjoy reduced labor time and optimized freezer space. It's a definite win for your menu.


About this item -

  • Individual portions allow for easy and precise prep. Use only what you need when you need it.
  • Marinated for consistency, enhanced flavor and great taste every time.
  • No thawing necessary allows for quick cooking and serving with little prep.
  • Versatile flavor profile enhances endless menu creations allowing you to utilize the same product across multiple applications.
  • From grill to plate in 180 seconds allows for easy on-the-spot cooking.

Ingredients -

Beef Sirloin. Contains up to 20% of a solution of water, salt, dextrose, sodium phosphate and natural flavor.


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