Here are 5 Sweet Reasons to Menu Chicken-with-Honey

Published: April 2, 2024

We could actually list far more than five reasons to help satisfy your customers with the trending, irresistible combination of chicken and honey, but we know you’re busy so let’s get to the list.

1. We’ve BEEn Doing Honey for Over 30 Years, Honey

At Tyson Foodservice we are trend starters. Our Tyson® Honey Stung® family of products has been a favorite flavor profile for over 30 years. We’ve been here all along helping you connect with customers who have always loved our honey difference.

You know the saying “everything old is new again”? Well, current data is showing that all past hits are fair game for reintroduction with creative twists of your own.1 Which makes it the perfect time to take advantage of all the chicken and honey buzz by serving the tried and true and new favorites in our Tyson® Honey Stung® product family.

2. The Perfect Popular Pairing

Honey + chicken represents a classic, beloved flavor pairing—it’s the most common pairing for honey on menus.2

All Tyson® Honey Stung® products are made with real honey. It’s in the marinade that makes our premium chicken varieties juicy and in our breading that makes every bite light, crispy and extremely craveable. All this honey paired with our consistent taste and quality is going to make it so easy for you to create the meals that delight customers bite after bite.

3. Bones or No-Bones—Honey Makes Them Both Irresistible


For a comfort food value meal, family dining and big portion plates, you can’t top our juicy Tyson® Honey Stung® Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded 8 Piece Cut Chicken. And of course, honey loves appetizers too! Tyson® Honey Stung® Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded Bone-In Chicken Wing Sections, small or jumbo, are always honey-lovin’ winners. 


All dayparts—all kinds of ways! Tyson® Honey Stung® Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded Original Honey Chicken Tenderloins or its sweet-heat counterpart with Tyson® Honey Stung® Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded Hot Honey Chicken Tenderloins  are the perfect picks to be your customers’ favorite salad topper, sandwich protein, crispy basket meal and more.

Here’s a tasty, trending way to serve them—on top of the pillowy light bubble waffles drizzled with honey or syrup to wow your breakfast and brunch crowd!

4. The Super-Hot Trend Customers Love

Hot Honey menu penetration has increased +40% in last 12-months & +111% 4-year growth.3

New Tyson® Honey Stung® Fully Cooked Lightly Breaded Hot Honey Chicken Tenderloins add a kick to the original Honey Stung® brand flavor profile by introducing notes of red and black pepper-infused honey. The result is a well-balanced sweet heat that elevates the flavor of the crispy, juicy tenderloins. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

5. Real Honey Everywhere. No Mess Anywhere.

Back-of-house benefits sweeten all the reasons to serve our Tyson® Honey Stung® family of products.

First, our fully cooked real honey and chicken products cut down your clean-up time because there’s no honey to toss, mix or coat. That means less labor costs and time devoted to prepping and cleaning.

Second, our lightly breaded products deliver a consistently crispy texture that gives a scratch-made appearance customers will appreciate.

And last, all you need to do is reheat Tyson® Honey Stung® products in your fryer to serve our versatile line of easy-to-menu, no-mess, every-daypart protein that is a sure “sting”.

Honey Buzz Goes On

There’s no doubt that customers are craving honey with their chicken—a flavor we’ve been pioneering for over 30 years. And we know there are always more tasty ways to bring honey to your table. You can count on Tyson Foodservice to constantly be on the lookout for ways to enhance our innovations and help you connect with customers who love our honey difference—and those searching for a new flavor trend to try.

Now you can deliver flavor in every bite with these chicken tenderloins made with real honey. They’re craveable and they cut down your clean-up time because there’s no honey to toss, mix or coat.

Sweet Honey and Savings, Too

Learn more about the Tyson® Honey Stung® family of products made with real honey in the marinade and the breading. They’re your trending, easy-to-prep, no-mess, chicken-with-honey solution for every menu and daypart.

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