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Whole Muscle Chicken

is a Big Opportunity

Published: September 20, 2023

As customers continue to seek new flavor experiences, here’s a juicy new way to satisfy their cravings, get them in the door and keep them coming back. With a chicken solution as novel as it is delectably tiny.

Help Drive Traffic With This Uniquely Mini Whole Muscle Chicken

Welcome to Tyson® Mini Chicken Bites. Juicy, crispy, wonderfully textured and smaller than popcorn chicken pieces, these fully cooked, lightly breaded bites let you expand your offerings beyond boneless wings and popcorn chicken for bold, new menu innovation.


A Disruptive Innovation

Tyson® Mini Chicken Bites help operators attract customers with a totally different eating experience,” says Matt Earley, Senior Manager, Poultry Innovation Foodservice at Tyson Foods. “It’s a whole muscle with a breading that delivers the perfect balance of crispy, crunchy, savory, juicy and tender.” Adds Earley, “There’s nothing like it.”


Fully Cooked for Easy Prep

Reducing time and labor were important factors in the product’s development. They’re really easy to use–especially for pizza operators who require fully cooked items as toppings. Earley says, “Fully cooked means less back-of-house concern. No worries of specialized training. It makes it so much easier to menu chef-quality dishes customers want.” 

66% of consumers will SPEND MORE on dishes featuring new flavors. Offering premium ingredient add-ons and flavors can increase check sizes.1

Create Novelty While Saving on Costs

With consumers on average ordering unique items from restaurants more that 25% of the time,2 Tyson® Mini Chicken Bites give you a fun new way to level up menus and dayparts. Says Earley, “Using this ingredient on chicken pizza and as a topping on salads are a given. But there are so many other ways for operators to get creative. Shareables. Protein Bowls. Flatbreads. On-the-go. The possibilities are seemingly endless.”

Works Deliciously Across Your Menu

Get Big Ideas

Download our Inspiration Guide and discover how to make your menu mightier with New Tyson® Mini Chicken Bites. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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2 Technomic, Consumer Trends Report, ’22 US Snacking

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