Steak Birria Tortizza Recipe

Original Philly® Fully Cooked Seasoned Sliced Beef warmed in a beef birria broth with melty Chihuahua cheese, pickled red onions, fresh cilantro, diced avocado and lime, layered between flour tortillas served with a side of beef birria broth for dipping.



1 Ea.Broth, Birria, Prepared (Sub Recipe) Served Hot
10 OzOriginal Philly® Fully Cooked Seasoned Sliced Beef 4/2.5 LB
4 Ea.Tortilla, Flour, 6 inch
8 Oz.Cheese, Chihuahua, Shredded
3 Oz.Avocado, Fresh, Diced
3 Oz.Onions, Red, Pickled (Commercially Available)
4 tsp.Cilantro, Fresh, Chopped
2 Ea.Lime, Fresh, Sliced, Wedge



Steak-EZE® Redi Steak® Fully Cooked Seasoned Sliced Beef 4/3 LB 

Sub Recipe

Birria Broth


4 EAChiles, Guajillo, Toasted, Soaked
3 EAChiles, Ancho, Toasted, Soaked
3 EAChilies, de Arbol, Toasted, Soaked
12ozWater, Reserved, Soaked, Chiles
6 EAGarlic, Clove, Fresh
1 EASpice, Cinnamon, Stick
¼ tsp.Spice Cinnamon, Ground
1 tsp.Spice, Oregano, Mexican, Dried
1 ½ tsp.Spice, Seed, Cumin, Whole
16ozTomato, Roma, Fresh, Roasted, Halved
4ozOnion, Yellow, Diced
2ozVinegar, Wine, White, Prepared
32ozBroth, Beef, Prepared
2 EASpice, Leaf, Bay, Dried



Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 450°F.

Step 2: Open Original Philly® Fully Cooked Seasoned Sliced Beef and place it into hot prepared beef birria broth and allow to cook until needed. Reserve.

Step 3: Place three of the flour tortillas onto a clean work surface.

Step 4: Stack each of the flour tortillas with chihuahua cheese, birria sliced steak, avocado, pickled onions, and cilantro and place them on top of one another.

Step 5: Place the one remaining flour tortilla on top to close and sprinkle with remaining chihuahua cheese.

Step 6: Place tortizza onto a parchment lined sheet tray and place into oven for approximately 8 – 10 minutes.

Step 7: Remove from oven and place tortizza onto a cutting board and slice into 4 equal slices.

Step 8: Place onto a serving dish and garnish with cilantro and lime wedges.

Step 9: Serve as needed..

Sub Recipe Directions

Birria Broth

Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 325.

Step 2: In a large, heavy-bottomed pot, over medium heat add guajillo, ancho and chili de arbol chiles.

Step 3: Toast the chiles for 1 to 2 minutes, moving frequently to ensure they don’t scorch.

Step 4: Remove to a medium bowl and cover with enough boiling water to cover the chiles, about 3 cups.

Step 5: Use a small plate or bowl to completely submerge the chiles.

Step 6: Let sit for 20 minutes or until rehydrated and pliable.

Step 7: Remove the chiles and reserve the liquid.

Step 8: Increase the heat in the Dutch oven to medium high and add vegetable oil.

Step 9: In a blender add chiles, garlic, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, tomatoes, onion and vinegar the Chile liquid.

Step 10: Blend for about a minute or until the mixture becomes a pourable paste.

Step 11: Add the beef broth, bay leaf to the pot over medium heat.

Step 12: Add the Chile paste and bring the birria to a simmer for approx. 10 minutes.

Step 13: Discard the bay leaves and onion.

Step 14: Reserve all the broth / consommé.

Step 15: Taste the consommé and season with salt and pepper.

Step 16: Use as needed.lace oil in a large pot over medium-high heat.

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