The 901 Chicken Nachos

Recipe submitted by Chef T from Shelby County Schools, TN.


Serves: 1

2 oz.Tyson® 100% All Natural*, Low Sodium Pulled Chicken

3 oz.

Land O Lakes Ultimate White Sauce
2 oz.Whole Grain Tortilla Chips
¼ tsp.Granulated Garlic
¼ tsp.Paprika
2 Tbsp.Jerk BBQ Sauce
½ cupPico De Gallo




  1. Toss pulled chicken with garlic and paprika and place on sheet pan and heat

  2. Heat cheese sauce according to directions

  3. Place chips inside container

  4. Sprinkle chicken over chips and cover with cheese sauce

  5. Cover evenly with Pico De Gallo

  6. Squeeze Jerk Sauce over entire dish


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