Jalapeño Chicken Jammer Recipe

Discover the sweet heat of our Jalapeño Chicken Jammer. Southern-style chicken filet on a jalapeno cheese biscuit, finished with a strawberry chipotle jam sauce. It’s jammin’ with flavors!


Serving Amount – 1 Serving / 10 servings

1 Ea.10 Ea.White Whole Wheat Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits (Commercially Available)
2 Oz.10 Oz.Sauce, Jam, Strawberry, Chipotle (Sub Recipe)
1 Ea.10 Ea.Tyson® Fully Cooked Whole Grain Breaded Southern Style Select Cut Chicken Breast Filets
Sub Recipe Ingredients

Chipotle Strawberry Jam Sauce

2 Oz.20 Oz.Jam, Strawberry Preserves (Commercially Available)
½ Oz.5 Oz.Peppers, Chipotle in Adobo (Commercially Available)
½ tsp.1 ½ TbspJuice, Lemon, Fresh, Squeezed

Step 1: For the Tyson® Fully Cooked Southern Style Chicken Breast Filets, preheat oven to 350°F, (medium fans).

Step 2: Place the frozen chicken filets in a single layer on a pre-lined baking sheet and heat for 10 - 12 minutes.

Step 3: Remove from oven and reserve warm.

Step 4: Cook the White Whole Wheat Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits according to manufactures instructions and reserve warm.

Step 5: Place the White Whole Wheat Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits onto a clean worksurface.

Step 6: Split White Whole Wheat Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits into two equal halves.

Step 7: On the one bottom half, spread the strawberry chipotle jam sauce over the entire surface.

Step 8: Place the Tyson® Fully Cooked Southern Style Chicken Breast Filet on top of the strawberry chipotle jam sauce.

Step 9: Place the remaining half of the White Whole Wheat Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuit to close.

Step 10: Serve as needed.


Sub Recipe Directions

Chipotle Strawberry Jam Sauce

Step 1: Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender.

Step 2: Process or blend until completely smooth.

Step 3: Remove from food processor or blender and place into a clean container under refrigeration.

Step 4: Serve as needed.

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