The Hillshire® Snacking Advantage
Work. Play. Life. Snacking is part of every day. Whether they want a morning snack, a midday pick-me-up or a midnight bite, your customers are seeking savory, well-balanced snacks more than ever before. Hillshire Snacking elevates the snacking experience, providing an ideal combination of classy ingredients in a single-serve, snack-sized pack that satisfies.

Featured Products

Small Plates

Genoa Salame & Cheddar Cheese Small Plates

The perfectly sized, portion-controlled snack to satisfy hunger.

Italian Dry Salame & Gouda Cheese Small Plates

The gourmet, grab-and-go snack, for now or later

Uncured Pepperoni & Cheddar Cheese Small Plates

A savory Italian staple, with the perfect amount of spice to elevate any snacking occasion.

Wine-Infused Salame & Cheddar Cheese Small Plates

Flavorful pairings securely sealed for snacking peace of mind.

Hot Calabrese Salame & Gouda Cheese Small Plates

A spicy salame hailing from the tip of the Italian peninsula, Calabrese salame is fiery with a well-developed red chili pepper flavor profile.

Bistro Bites

Genoa Salame & Gouda Cheese Bistro Bites

The have-one-handy, seize-the-day snack—no matter the time of day.

Italian Dry Salame & Cheddar Cheese Bistro Bites

A convenient, one-of-a-kind culinary experience that’s ready when you are.

Wine-Infused Salame & Cheddar Cheese Bistro Bites

The spice of a perfectly cured salame offset by the bite of wine infusion and garlic notes partners best with cheese and toasted rounds.

Uncured Pepperoni & Monterey Jack Cheese Bistro Bites

Rich in spice with no shortage of flavor. So fancy tasting, you’ll start to believe you’re a food connoisseur.

Hillshire Snacking - Delicious, Portable, Safe Snacking Options

Experience a savory, satisfying snacking adventure unlike any other.

Quality and Taste - Perfectly Paired

Snackers are ditching sweet treats for high-protein snacks that are flavorful, filling and convenient. We paired premium cured meats such as our Genoa Salame and Italian Dry Salame with distinctive cheeses such as white cheddar and gouda to create a charcuterie board of satisfaction. Your customers can savor an exceptional snacking experience—anytime, anywhere.

Consumers are also more mindful about what they enjoy, with portion control and high-grade ingredients being top priorities. Our individually packaged small plates deliver perfectly sized portions so your customers can satisfy hunger without the worry of overindulging.

The most appealing attributes that consumers look for in snacks are energizing and high-protein options. [1]

Majority of Snacking Occasions are unplanned meals, with 83% of consumers replacing meals with snacks on occasion. [2]

Snacks were consumed on-the-go in more than 1/2 the occasions in 2022, a 6+pt increase from 2019. [3]


[1] [2] [3] Technomic Consumer Trend Report 2022 US Snacking

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