French Onion Philly

Open-face french onion philly- sliced sirloin steak with loads of caramelized onions and melted swiss and gruyere cheese, nested on grilled sourdough, broiled until a golden bubbly brown, served with a caramelized onion demi finished with crispy fried onions

French Onion Philly

French Onion Philly


1 sandwich


1 ea.

Sourdough, sliced thick 1+” and toasted or grilled

4 oz.

Shaved steak, cooked

2 oz.
4 ea.

Swiss cheese, slices

1.5 oz.

Gruyere cheese, grated

2 –3 oz.

Caramelized onion demi glaze


Fried onion straws

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  1. On a flattop grill cook sliced steak, sauté onions and mix all together

  2. Toast the hoagie roll and place the roll over the top of the meat, add cheeses and sautéed vegetables and then drizzle the warm onion demi glaze over the top and serve


CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES: Can be served with potato chips, fries