Please off-premise patrons with chicken tested and proven* for delivery

Published: June 29, 2023

It’s no secret the demand and interest in off-premise dining has seen rapid increase among consumers compared to before the pandemic, carryout and delivery now make up a larger share of total foodservice orders. 

“We can expect to see a new normal moving forward, where carryout and delivery remain a big part of consumer routines.”1

With demand for off-premise dining here to stay, ensuring that your menu items are delivered with the highest quality has never been more important. But, hold times may vary once dishes are complete and packaged, and while customers and delivery drivers are traveling to and from the restaurant. In some cases, the longer wait time between food prep and consumption can potentially affect food quality and risk unhappy customers. This can be troublesome for operators who are already feeling pressure to deliver against new and heightened consumer expectations, while finding ways to cut costs and adapt to smaller staff sizes.

Operators continue to take a hard look at their menus to determine which items are best suited for delivery. Using products that are tested and proven* to withstand extended delivery and pick-up times is key to offering a successful off-premise dining model.

Delicious from Your Door to Theirs

Tyson Red Label® products have been tested and proven* to hold strong during delivery with consistent back-of-house performance and greater ease to meet customers’ quality expectations from your establishment to their door. 

Operators can be confident that their product will be delivered to their customers juicy and delicious. Check out these popular delivery-friendly products and learn more about how our Tyson Red Label® portfolio can help strengthen your delivery offerings.


Tyson Red Label® Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Strips, Large Cut

Filets & Patties

Tyson Red Label® Fully Cooked Breaded Golden Crispy Chicken Breast Filets, 4 oz.

Bone-In Wing Sections

Tyson Red Label® Fully Cooked Starch Coated Oven Roasted Bone-In Chicken Wing Sections, Jumbo


Tyson Red Label® Uncooked Tempura Battered Chicken Breast Nuggets

Tenderloins & Tenders

Tyson Red Label® Fully Cooked Breaded Homestyle Chicken Tenderloins


1 Technomic, Consumer Trend Reports: Delivery & Takeout, 2022

*Our Tyson Red Label® products are tested in a simulated delivery environment, placed in fiber to-go containers and held in an insulated pizza bag for 30 minutes before serving to consumers. Products must then meet internal testing metrics by scoring well on aroma, flavor and juiciness. Tyson Foods Primary Consumer Research, 2023