Tyson Red Label versatile ingredient chicken inside of a sandwich with french fries

Ingredients Tested* and Proven for Delivery Ease Operator Concerns

It’s no secret the demand and interest in off-premise dining has seen rapid increase among consumers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Technomic, 22 percent of operators added delivery, 30 percent added curbside pickup and 20 percent added takeout to their operation this year(1).

Although shelter-in-place orders are beginning to lift across the country, many consumers are still spending most of their time at home. Some consumers still plan to order meals ahead from their favorite restaurants to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19, even as dining rooms prepare to safely re-open for in-person services. Off-premise dining has reached north of 60 percent growth, year-over-year, for sit-down chains and almost 30 percent for quick-service concepts, as of March 23(2).

The “new normal” for restaurants and consumers continues to evolve day to day, but one thing is certain – the takeout, delivery and curbside dining experience is here to stay. Operators who may have been hesitant to incorporate delivery and takeout services prior to the pandemic are having to confront their concerns head on and adapt as 45 percent of all restaurant meals are now being eaten at home(3).

Once an order is complete in the kitchen and packaged for delivery, it is sitting longer than normal because the consumer or delivery driver will have to travel to and from the restaurant. The longer wait time between food prep and consumption, in some cases, can potentially damage food quality and risks unhappy customers. This can be troublesome for operators because they are already feeling pressure to deliver against new and heightened consumer expectations, while finding ways to cut costs and adapt to smaller staff sizes.

Operators are taking a hard look at their menus to find which items are best suited for delivery and which don’t currently fit the bill. Using ingredients and packaging solutions that are tested and proven to withstand extended delivery and pick-up times will be key to offering a successful off-premise dining model moving forward.

Delicious from Your Door to Theirs

Tyson Red Label® products have been tested* and proven to hold strong during delivery with consistent back-of-house performance and the flavors guests love.

Operators can be confident that their product will be delivered to their customers’ doors juicy and delicious. To learn more about how our Tyson Red Label® portfolio can help strengthen your delivery offerings, visit TysonRedLabelDelivers.com.



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*Our breaded Tyson Red Label® products were tested in a simulated delivery environment, placed in fiber to-go containers and held in an insulated pizza bag for 30 minutes before serving to consumers. Based on internal testing, Tyson Red Label® breaded products scored well on aroma, flavor and juiciness.