South-west Style Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Link Recipe

It doesn’t get any WURST than this. Cheesy, spicy, bacon-y Cheddarwurst® links are lathered in an avocado-tomatillo salsa and then smothered in a black bean and corn relish. This recipe is definitely the best of the wurst. 


SERVING SIZE: 1 Sandwich

Southwest Style Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Link

1 ea.

Hillshire Farm® Cheddarwurst® Fully Cooked Skinless Dinner Sausage


2 ea.

Wright® Brand Steak Cut Bacon.


1 ea.

Hoagie Roll

2 Tbsp.

Purple Cabbage, shaved

1 oz.

Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa



2 oz.

Black Bean and Corn Relish (See Sub Recipe)  



6 oz.

Black Beans, rinsed

8 oz.

Corn, fresh, can be grilled

¾ oz.

Line Juice, fresh squeezed

½ to 1 oz.

Jalapeno Peppers, small dice

To taste

Salt and Pepper

Southwest Style Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Link

Step 1 – Using a toothpick, start the bacon wrapping. Toothpick the bacon perpendicular through the link at top. Wrap both slices down and toothpick the end.

Step 2- Place in the deep fryer for 90 sec. to 2 mins. or until desired crispiness of the bacon is achieved. **Note: DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE TOOTHPICKS.

Step 3- In the hoagie roll, layer the shaved purple cabbage.

Step 4- Top with the bacon wrapped jalapeno-cheddarwurst®.

Black Bean and Corn Relish

Step 1- drain and rinse black beans and place into a medium mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper, diced jalapenos and squeezed lime juice.

Step 2- If you have roasted your corn, allow it to cool before adding it to the bowl.

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