Bibimbap Korean-Inspired Breakfast Bowl

This delicious Korean-inspired dish includes marinated and tender sliced steak. Paired perfectly with a with a variety of fresh sautéed vegetables, jasmine rice, bibimbap sauce, and a sunny side egg. This dish is then garnished with sesame seeds and ready to serve.



Bibimbap Korean-Inspired Breakfast Bowl Ingredients

4 oz.Original Philly™ Authentic Beef Flat Steak
2 oz.Bibimbap Sauce (see sub recipe)
1 ½ oz.Jasmine rice, cooked
1 ea.Egg, sunny side up
2 oz.Shiitake mushrooms, thinly sliced, sautéed (raw weight)
1 1/2 oz.Carrot, matchsticks, sautéed
1 oz.Zucchini, thinly sliced, sautéed
3/4 oz.Beansprouts
1 oz. Spinach, sautéed
garnishToasted Sesame Seeds
To tasteCracked Black Pepper 


Bibimbap Sauce

1 ea. Garlic, minced 
2 tsp. Sesame oil 
4 Tbsp. Gochujang  
1 ½ tsp Soy Sauce 
2 Tbsp. Rice vinegar  
3 Tsp. Sugar 




Bibimbap Korean-Inspired Breakfast Bowl Directions

Step 1

In a large heated skillet, add the sliced steak with the Bibimbap sauce and cook and set aside.

Step 2
In another heated skillet, separately sauté spinach, zucchini, Shiitake mushrooms and carrots and set aside.

Step 3

Fry the eggs sunny side up and then set aside for assembling of bowl.

Step 4

Place the cooked rice onto a serving bowl served alongside the marinated beef, cooked Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, spinach, and bean sprouts to the sides, topped with the sunny side up egg and garnished with sesame seeds and serve. 


Bibimbap Sauce Directions

Step 1

In a large bowl combine and mix until the sugar is dissolved and set aside.

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