Baja Pulled Chicken Wrap

Tender pulled chicken served with a jalapeno cucumber ranch coleslaw, finished with fresh diced tomatoes and cilantro, and served on a Whole Grain Cheese and jalapeno tortilla. (Served Cold)

Baja Pulled Chicken Wrap




Baja Pulled Chicken Wrap

1/2 cup

Jalapenos: 3-4 whole peppers (roasted & diced)

2 1/2 cups

Coleslaw - Cabbage Only


Seeded, Half-moon Cut Cucumbers


Ranch Dressing


Diced Tomatoes

10 Tbsp

Cilantro - Fresh

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  1. Thaw pulled chicken then cook for 5 minutes at 350°F
  2. Stir heated chicken and let cool
  3. Roast whole jalapenos by lying flat on a sprayed pan and cook for 10 min at 350°F
  4. Let jalapenos cool before removing the seeds and stem, then dice. 
  5. In a mixing bowl, combine cabbage, cucumbers, diced jalapenos and ranch dressing.  Mix thoroughly then store in refrigeration for 1 hour.

To Build the Wrap

  1.  Lay tortilla flat and use a 2 oz. spoodle to place the pulled chicken down the center – leaving room at the ends for folding
  2. Use a #12 scoop (1/3 cup) to place coleslaw mixture on top of pulled chicken
  3. Top coleslaw with ½ oz diced tomatoes and 1 Tbsp of chopped cilantro
  4. Wrap the tortilla and serve or hold in refrigeration until ready to serve.


Chef Notes:

This can be built in advance to ensure rapid serving. Do Not hold slaw mixture or fully prepared wrap in refrigeration for longer than 3 days. 


Watch the Video!
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