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We are with you working towards a school year that will be operating in a new, uncharted space. Tyson K-12 is committed to serving your mission of feeding children across the U.S. and help you meet the demands of your program. We’re proud to bring you our SY20-21 Product Portfolio and will continue to provide solutions and resources to help you succeed in these new times. You are school lunch heroes! It is our privilege to help serve your mission.
K-12 Focus Product Portfolio SY20-21

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To better serve your mission, we've created easy to navigate, printable, files that showcase our entire SY20-21 Product Portfolio and Focus Magazine.


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Tyson Commodity Calculators and Independent Drawdown

The Tyson K-12 Commodity Calculator is a tool to help you maximize your commodity dollars. Use it today to benefit your program! Our Independent Drawdown guide helps you get more out of your commodity dollars by helping you better balance your White & Dark commodity pounds. Take a look and start getting more savings today!

Click Here for the Commodity Calculators
Click Here for the Independent Drawdown