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Big Az Breakfast Croissant Vending Tyson Foodservice

Bigger. Bolder. Breakfast. NEW! KICK AZ Croissant

Warm up your breakfast sales with the bold new BIG AZ® KICK AZ Croissant.  Crafted for the heat seeker, the KICK AZ Croissant is made with fiery sriracha glazed sausage, juicy ham, scrambled egg patty, creamy Swiss and spicy pepper jack cheeses on a buttery croissant. Each sandwich is hand assembled and wrapped in packaging that allows the consumer to see what’s inside. Hearty sandwiches that satisfy cravings with the BIG taste, BIG size and BIG value that your customers expect as well as on-trend flavors that provide BIG sales opportunities.


  • 21g of protein per serving
  • BIG portion sizes - each sandwich is 6.25 ounces
  • Options to merchandise hot from warmer or cold case for microwave heating on demand
  • Available in window butcher paper and hand-wrapped film packaging
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