Animated image of Sophea Jones

Sophea Jones

Cobb County Public Schools (GA)

Submitted by Jannaya LaFrance

Sophea has been with Cobb County for almost 20 years and comes in with a smile every day. I have seen her bring in clothes and shoes for students in need from her own closet. She never announces when she does it, I will just notice a bag beside her to hand out. She comes into work tired, sore and with her own problems but has never shown the students her heartache. She works 3 jobs to provide for her own children as a single mom but treats all the students at Sedalia Park as her own. When we moved her to cook (from cashier), the kids began asking where she is because they care so much about her, and that's all because she knows each one and cares for them all. Sophea is a blessing to the Sedalia Park community.

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