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Robyn Miller

Humboldt School District (AZ) 

Robyn Miller is the kitchen manager at Lake Valley Elementary and has transformed the atmosphere in that cafeteria to an incredible experience for her students.  Her passion to prepare an amazing garden bar is only second to her connections with every student that comes into the cafeteria.  Robyn goes above and beyond in preparing incredibly appealing salads.  Her excitement to have students eat more fruits and vegetables is evident in the accolades and awards her kitchen has received from our county and state health departments but she goes even further when it comes to connecting with her students. 

Robyn spends every day interacting with the kids.  She gets them excited to eat nutritious meals through her clean plate program.  She goes to each table every day and offers stickers to the kids that have completed their meals.  Robyn also inspires good behavior through positive reinforcement.  She has established "Dance Party Friday" if the kids have behaved all week.  Our K-2 grades perform "2-minute chew" everyday which allows them to listen to music and dance at the end of lunch on Fridays.

Robyn has created such a friendly atmosphere in her cafeteria by decorating for every event/holiday.  She has friendly banter with the older students when it comes to sports.  Robyn's connections with the kids as well as her passion to entice them to eat nutritious meals makes her a one-of-a-kind Lunch Hero.  We all have some amazing employees, but Robyn Miller is second to none in her passion to feed and connect with kids.

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