Lucinda Darby Hunger Hero

Lori Cochran

Holt Middle School, Fayetteville, AR

This is a very special posthumous recognition.

Lori Cochran was a beloved child nutrition employee at Holt Middle School. She’d served a mission of feeding kids for 30 years and was planning to retire at the end of the 2021-22 school year. Sadly, she passed away suddenly in mid-January and her loss was felt deeply across the entire department.

Lori Cochran was a very special person. She always had the biggest smile for her coworkers and students and truly loved being a lunch lady. She knew all of her students by name and would often call her students and coworkers "baby" or "sweetheart". Her love for her students and her passion for child nutrition was honored with a beautiful memorial that was actually held at her home school of Holt Middle School.

Lori Cochran will be remembered, and she’ll always be a Tyson K-12 Hunger Hero.

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