Lucinda Darby Hunger Hero

Colleen Zeno

Upper Dublin High School, Upper Dublin School District

Colleen Zeno, Kitchen Manager at Upper Dublin High School, has gone above and beyond to feed all the students in her district including community members since the start of the Covid closure.

How you may ask? By innovating the way they feed the students by providing 7 days’ worth of breakfast and lunch meals in a curbside pick-up bundle, connecting with school bus drivers to do home deliveries, and even feeding the students who are in-person learners in the cafeteria all at the same time. She has made it all possible even when she was only 30% staffed for half the year.

Colleen has even earned the title Tetris Queen of the freezer because her goal is to serve nutritious healthy meals from scratch utilizing the commodity foods on hand. Even when they had their backs against the walls, Colleen never doubted, never gave up, and never failed to have a smile on her face to encourage the staff during the heartbreaking year.

She embodies school nutrition and deserves all the accolades possible. That's why she's a Tyson K-12 Hunger Hero.

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