Lucinda Darby Hunger Hero

Becky Rix

Nueva Vista Continuation High School, Jurupa Valley, CA

Becky worked tirelessly during the COVID shutdown to serve students. She always has a smile on her face and kind words for everyone. Her spirit and energy are contagious. You can't be sad around Becky; she will brighten your day and you will leave with a smile on your face.

During the 2021-22 school year, Becky got promoted to cafeteria manager at the high school. She made it her mission to get to know each student. Even though they have masks on their faces, she knows who they are. Becky takes an interest in every student. She cares so deeply for each and every one of her students.

One student, in particular, caught Becky's attention. In talking to the student, Becky realized that she was homeless and living behind a dumpster. Becky quickly reached out to her Director of Nutrition and to the Principal to see what could be done to help this student.  The student received the help that she needed and now is living in a group home and not on the streets. Becky makes sure this student gets every meal available every day. She really looks after this student. Before the Christmas break, Becky wanted to make sure that this student would be covered for the three-week break. Becky reached out again, and Nutrition Services provided the student with a backpack full of food for the three-week break as well as some treats to help make the holidays a bit brighter.

Becky goes out of her way to make students feel seen, welcomed, and loved – making her a true Tyson K-12 Hunger Hero.

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