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Jump flavor first into the chicken sandwich craze. 

The chicken sandwich wars show no signs of slowing down. Tyson® chicken sandwiches feature the destination-worthy quality your customers crave with the on-the-go ease they need. Each sandwich comes individually butcher-wrapped for serving ease, added safety and greater peace of mind. 


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Tyson® Butcher-Wrapped Chicken Sandwiches
Image of Tyson® Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.


Tyson® Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Image of Tyson® Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwich

Tyson® Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwich



Image of Tyson® Hot n’ Spicy Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwich

Tyson® Hot n’ Spicy Chicken n’ Waffle Sandwich

Tyson® Spicy Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Tyson® Spicy Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

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  • Individually butcher-wrapped and portable
  • Ease of execution
  • 4-hour hold time
  • 14-day refrigerated shelf life
  • Retail ready
  • Daypart versatility
  • Trusted consumer brand



  • Meets food safety demands and appeals to on-the-go consumers needing a quick, but good quality meal or snack
  • Can be conveniently heated in a microwave with little prep required
  • Can last up to 4 hours in a warmer and still deliver a juicy eating experience
  • Product is shipped frozen and can be thawed and refrigerated for 14 days, which reduces food waste with sandwiches that stay fresher, longer
  • Packaged with individual, scannable UPCs
  • Offers craveable products that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack occasions
  • Tyson® brand has 99% consumer awareness and is a brand consumers trust⁴

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