Winning at Breakfast with the Portfolio Approach 

Published: June 11, 2024

Written by Nation’s Restaurant News

To meet the challenges of the breakfast arena, restaurant and noncommercial operators may find it helpful to team up with a partner that has a strong market presence, substantial resources, and a willingness to collaborate. A likely partner is a food brand with a broad portfolio of high-quality, on-trend breakfast products that satisfies various consumer tastes while answering the business needs of operators.

That sums up why some successful restaurant and noncommercial operators work with Jimmy Dean® brand. For over 50 years, consumers have trusted the quality and consistency of Jimmy Dean® brand breakfast products. For operators, the positive name recognition of that iconic brand name is a strong marketing tool for breakfast success.

Portfolio Power

The payoff is a flavor profile that sets Jimmy Dean® brand products apart from competitors. The broad line of versatile and convenient products includes fully cooked Jimmy Dean® brand breakfast sandwiches and breakfast bowls, which save time in the kitchen and offer consistent quality. Other offerings include raw and fully cooked, center-of-the-plate bacon and sausage, breakfast burritos, sausage crumbles and breakfast bites.

Today, with consumers enthusiastically resuming their breakfast routines, leveraging the portfolio power and corporate resources of Jimmy Dean® brand can help operators enter the breakfast space or refresh an existing breakfast menu, with the aim of building traffic and sales.

When it comes to new-product development, only a few restaurant chains have large teams of research chefs and food scientists and dedicated test kitchen for culinary innovation. The majority of restaurant and noncommercial foodservice operators rely on their own ingenuity and resources, and perhaps a helping hand from outside the organization, when they bring out a new item.

The case for working with Jimmy Dean® brand includes the opportunity to share menu ideas with the expert culinary team at the Tyson Discovery Center. Operators may also benefit from insight-based innovations, marketing solutions, nutritional information and a dedicated sales team to consult on problems and challenges. What’s more, operators may find product rebates and the Tyson Partners Program helpful at a time of unsettled economic conditions.

Designing Menus

Evolving trends point the way to appealing breakfast and brunch menus. Consumers, especially members of younger demographic groups, seek high-quality ingredients and unique dining experiences. In fact, premium meat is the number-one breakfast food among millennials (58%) and Gen Z (52%), according to Datassential Breakfast Keynote Report, May 2023. Overall, the most common meat proteins on breakfast menus are bacon (81%) and sausage (68%), per Datassential Menu Trends, August 2022.

Breakfast sandwiches are the number-one ordered morning menu item, according to Circana CREST, March 2023. And breakfast bowls with elevated ingredients are on the list of top-10 emerging trends in the What’s Hot 2023 Culinary Forecast by the National Restaurant Association.

Bowls are a promising offering in noncommercial foodservice, too. They have the versatility to showcase traditional as well as global flavors and ingredients and please customers ranging from hearty meat eaters to vegetarians and vegans.

On-trend Examples

Classic sausage-and-bacon breakfast sandwiches and entrées will always please fans of traditional breakfast fare. But it also pays for operators to heed the trends. Jimmy Dean® Butcher Wrapped Blazin’ Hot® Hot Breakfast Sandwiches appeal to the sizable audience for spicy sensations. It should be noted that the patented butcher-paper wrapper helps sandwiches stay hot for up to four hours. Jimmy Dean Delights® Breakfast Sandwiches and Bowls made with ingredients such as turkey sausage and egg whites speak to consumers who seek a lighter breakfast. Jimmy Dean® Plant Based Breakfast Sausage Patties, which feature the brand’s signature blend of seasonings, can help operators expand their menus and attract more meatless and flexitarian eaters. And for sheer snackability and portability, Jimmy Dean® Sausage Tots are hard to beat.

Easing the Burden

Of course, even the tastiest breakfast creations must be operationally practical, given rising labor and food costs, and the need for speed of service and consistency. It goes back to reducing scratch food preparation and using more ready-to-cook and fully cooked breakfast products to lighten the burden on the kitchen.

Research suggests cost issues will only become more pressing in the coming years. Total employee compensation costs are likely to increase as a percentage of sales, and real estate costs will escalate more rapidly as competition for prime sites increases, predicts the Restaurant Industry 2030 report by the National Restaurant Association.

To find out more about the benefits and opportunities operators can realize with the Jimmy Dean® portfolio, visit our products page

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