MAY 24, 2022

New day, new flavors, new(ly) refreshed menu

While many consumers enjoy seeing their longtime favorites on menus, they often look to restaurants to provide them in new and interesting ways, sometimes paired with new flavors. In fact, Datassential pointed out that consumers consistently remind us (even during the pandemic) that they want variety on menus.1

Among the items trending on menus.2

“New-Mami” Flavor exploration.

As patrons look for menu options but with some variety, new umami applications are making their way to menus – even in cocktails.3  Indian Black Salt, also called Kala Namak, has a tangy, pungent taste as a result of volcanic compounds and is a savory, umami-rich flavor enhancer for many dishes that also makes a nice salt rim for margaritas.4

For a simple application of umami-rich flavors in a recipe, try this Chicken Ramen Bowl in a delectable umami-forward broth. 

Mayan-inspired flavor: Sikil Pak.
From the Yucatan Peninsula, Sikil Pak is like a pumpkin seed dip that makes a delicious appetizer or condiment. Much more pervasive on traditional Mexican menus, it’s growing on a wider range of American menus.5 Amazing when spread on grilled chicken6 try it on a grilled filet like Tyson Red Label® Select Cut Grilled Chicken Filets, or for an extra spicy kick try, why not try it with Tyson Red Label® Hot 'N Spicy Breast Filets?

For a simple application of a Central American-inspired flavor in a recipe, try these Chicken fajita loaded fries featuring fajita-seasoned chicken breast strips, peppers, onions, jalapeno, onion and cilantro for a supreme fry experience.

Indian-Inspired Flavor on Pizza and More.
Restaurant operators serving Indian cuisine and/or pizza have begun offering Indian Pizza with Indian-inspired dishes like butter chicken becoming pizza toppings.7

For a simple application of Indian-inspired flavor in a recipe, try this Coconut Curry Chicken Salad with a global twist on classic chicken salad featuring diced, grilled chicken and a curry-inspired dressing.

Bánh Mì.
The Vietnamese word for bread, bánh mì has grown over 500% on menus over the past decade. Bánh mì sandwiches, which may feature a baguette filled with meats and veggies, appeal most to Gen Z, followed closely by Millennials and Gen X.8

For a simple application with a banh mi sandwich recipe, try this  Bánh Mì Chicken recipe featuring grilled chicken strips loaded in a sliced baguette topped with fresh cilantro, mint leaves, cucumbers, shaved pickled carrots, daikon radish slaw, shaved purple cabbage, finished with both a creamy white miso-yuzu-ginger dressing and spicy sriracha sauce.  

Korean BBQ.
Korean BBQ has steadily grown on menus for many years, and even showed steady popularity during 2020 – up 42% on menus over four years and 368% since 2011.9 Still early in its adoption phase (2.5% of menus), Korean BBQ affinity is especially strong with Gen Z and Millennials.

For a simple application with a recipe featuring Korean BBQ, try this Korean-Style BBQ Chicken Bowl featuring white rice topped with stir-fried vegetables, shredded cabbage, radishes and crispy Hot ‘N Spicy sliced chicken, all drizzled with a sweet and tangy Korean-style BBQ sauce.

A key trend for 2022 for operators overall is an increasing consumer desire for unique and global flavors. Among unusual flavors and pairings trending are mashups like coconut curry with pasta and mango-chutney topped burgers.10

Looking for simple ways to refresh your menus with global flavors? A key to creating the unique dishes patrons want is quality, versatile items like Tyson Red Label® products, which can help broaden your menu, whether with bold, new flavors or a traditional approach.

Explore Tyson Red Label® or watch inspiration videos for other great ideas to bring new tastes and flavors to the menu.



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