How to Maximize Your Menu with Less

Published: June 16, 2021

If you feel like you need another set of hands in your kitchen, not only are you not alone, but Tyson Foodservice has a variety of ways to give them to you. With a full portfolio of ready-made products that exist to help streamline your menu and make back-of-house life a little easier, you can consider us your own personal prep squad.

From fully customizable to ready to heat and serve, our ingredient chicken and steak products deliver labor and time savings, better yield, and less waste. 

Additionally, these products are incredibly versatile for usage in applications across the board—from popular favorites to trendy flavor profiles. Read on to see how easily these come to life in simple, and incredibly tasty, recipes.


Easy-Prep Poultry Recipes

Cost efficiency? Convenience? No matter what you need, Tyson Foodservice has you covered with a full portfolio of ingredient chicken items from fully cooked pulled or diced to prepped uncooked options. Every item lives up to our trusted quality and performance and includes offerings that are All Natural*, Low Sodium and made with No Antibiotics Ever.

See ingredient chicken in action! These products are ideal for bringing recipes together quickly as center-of-the-plate options or in salads, pizzas, burritos, tacos and more. Click to view the full recipes and demo videos.

Recipe #1: Coconut Curry Chicken Salad

Ready-to-serve pulled chicken takes on sweetness and spice for a new take on chicken salad served on a bed of greens, as a sandwich or wrap. Mix up garnishes or accompaniments for easy flavor twists.


The next two recipes offer similar foundations for increased flexibility (beginning with caramelized onions, tomato, garlic, and wine), showcasing how easy it is to create your own flavor plays with ingredients you have on hand.

Greek Isle Chicken

Fully prepped chicken is folded into a savory base of ingredients and served over wilted spinach and cous cous for a delicious, warm, center-of-plate entree or can just as easily be served as a sandwich.

Tuscan Pulled Chicken

A collection of flavorful ingredients create wonderful depth of flavor without added salt. Simply fold chicken into this savory base to warm and then hold until serving as a center-of-plate protein or toasted sandwich.

No-Slicing-Necessary Steak Recipes

Putting steak options on the menu couldn’t be easier than with a complete line of steak products, including the Steak-EZE® brand from Tyson Foodservice. Marinated or unmarinated, fully cooked or uncooked, these pre-portioned and sliced options go from freezer to grill, allowing you to reduce prep steps and use only what you need when you need it.

The proof is in the sizzle. See how versatile these products can be in the next four crowd-pleasing recipes or used in additional applications like bowls, wraps, soups, and fajitas. Click to view the full recipes and demo videos.

French Onion Philly

French Dip meets Philly in this satisfying hoagie that doubles the flavor and cuts the work nearly in half with the use of Steak-EZE® BreakAway® Beef Steak.

Plum-Teriyaki Beef with Fried Rice

No-prep steak adds to the ease of stir-fry with fresh plum puree and teriyaki flavor. This version comes together in a flash using prepped veggies that can easily be swapped out with ingredients you have on hand, creating a versatile dine-in or to-go option.

The Carbonara inspiration behind the next two dishes—Alfredo sauce, bacon, and herbs—makes it extremely easy to menu these two items simultaneously or rotate to help keep your menu fresh.

Carbonara Steak Pizza

Create a specialty style pizza in no time with the added premium appeal of steak and layers of flavor-boosting elements that can be easily changed up. For a second pizza option, serve the French Onion Philly as a pizza.

Steak Carbonara Mac & Cheese

This cheesy, comforting dish creates a lot of wow with little work. Bake in individual portions or hotel pans to serve as an entrée or side dish.

Put your personal prep squad to work! When you use just a couple of our products—Tyson® ingredient chicken and Steak-EZE® brand steak, you take away prep and add more ease to your menu and back of house. Flexible in application and versatile enough for use with just about any flavor profile, you can be endlessly creative with how to serve them.

As with all Tyson Foodservice products, these back-of-house helpers reflect our meticulous approach to quality and our dedication to serving our customers in the best way possible.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.